The handmade patchwork quilt is a unique gift that you can give at any time not just special occasions.  Or just buy one to keep for yourself.

Traditionally patchwork quilts were made using whatever was available to use to keep the family warm in bed and were utilitarian.  This is still the case today but quilts are made big and small, with all different sizes and shapes.  And the designs are endless.

They can be used when lying on the lounge, or your recliner, or for a little person on the floor or to tuck them into their stroller or pram.  Or a gift to someone who is sick or going through a tough time.  Or birthdays or Christmas or they can be hung on the wall as art.  Or just whenever the fancy takes you.

I have had a lot of fun developing and making the quilts on this website.  My quilts are made using cotton fabrics, and Australian produced wadding. I am open to suggestions as to what other sorts and sizes of quilts take your fancy, and will make commission quilts.  Contact me for further information.

I am based outside of Orange, NSW, Australia.

BTW my friend who proof read this has suggested that I talk more about me and my passion for quilts and quilting.  I am a quilter by day, night and in-between.  I love the colours, designs, the process and the end results.  Hence my house is overrun with quilts, and my son doesn’t want any more.  But there is at least one more in the queue for him, little does he know……

Patchworking and quilting is my Zen.  I hope you enjoy them too.  xx